Case Study

The topic at the center

A path to strategic and agile communications by the example of Union Investment


One of the largest financial services providers in Germany has revised its content strategy and now focuses on topics instead of channels. This required new processes and new tools.

Find out how Profilwerkstatt and dirico provided strategic and technological support in this free case study.

Union Investment

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The open sites and challenges


Many channels and silos


No topic architecture


Technically outdated topic planning tool


Limited transparency and flexibility

The path to a new strategy and process

These steps were necessary

The Editorial and Training Management Group, based in the sales department, founded its content strategy on Kristina Halvorson's model, sharpened the profiles of its channels and broke up content silos. At the same time, it introduced agile processes in content planning and established new editorial meetings. A topic architecture provides a clear framework for editorial work.

To implement these processes and plan content, Union Investment introduced dirico, a platform on which more than 80 people collaborate today.



We begin with small steps to make it easier to get started with dirico.

With our content strategy and agile processes, we are transforming ourselves into a modern communications unit.

A strong team

Who is behind it?

This case study is a joint project:

The content marketing agency Profilwerkstatt advised Union Investment on the strategy as well as the transformation process and supported the introduction of dirico. The content collaboration platform ensures the technical implementation of topic-centered communication at the financial services provider.

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The topic at the center

Find out which advantages have resulted for Union Investment due to the new content strategy including topic architecture and the use of dirico in this case study.